July 2017  
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Jesus Lambs Mother's Day Out
Director: Angela Blansett


Goals of Jesus’ Lambs Mother’s Day Out Program:

To lead the child to appreciate the wonders of God's Creation and His great love in sending Jesus Christ.

To make the child aware of and interested in the world around him.

To teach the child to speak to God in prayer and lead a Christian life.

To make the child's adjustment to being away from home a happy and wholesome one.

To give the child many opportunities to work and play cooperatively in a group.

To teach sportsmanship. It's OK to lose sometimes.

To teach the child to act and think for himself.

To help the child develop desirable speech habits -- to speak distinctly, correctly, and to grow in vocabulary.

To provide opportunities to work with all kinds of materials in creating expression.

To follow his progress in all phases of growth through observation and parental contact.

To help the child feel a sense of belonging and full acceptance.

To help the child grow in the common courtesies of life.

To teach the child how to live happily and harmoniously with others.

To teach the child to observe health and safety rules.

To help the child learn self-discipline and self-control. 






We provide excellent and safe child care in a setting of Christian love and emphasizing Christian values, meanwhile; Giving parents a day to spend as they please free of responsibility for their children.

This is an enrolled program and drop-ins will not be accepted. We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum for the children in a structured environment. Children are given the opportunity to play feely and interact with other children to develop social skills. Bible stories are read each day as well as other storybooks. Prayer is said before snack and lunch.


We will provide care for children between the ages of 10 weeks old to 4 years old.


Jesus' Lambs meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM. Parents may pick a one, two, or three day schedule.